2016 Man of the Year: 'The New Nate Silver'

Bill Mitchell /
Bill Mitchell / Twitter
December 28, 2016

He was right. You were wrong. Deal with it.

Bill Mitchell, the man who arose as Donald Trump’s Twitter mascot during the campaign, defied all polling odds when he predicted with one hundred percent certainty the president-elect would sweep the election.

Over the course of the campaign, Mitchell’s Twitter following swelled from 149 to 94,000 as he batted back mockery from seasoned pollsters Nate Silver, Frank Luntz, and Nate Cohn—all of whom forecasted a clear win for Hillary Clinton.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson called Mitchell "the dumbest motherfucker on the Internet" for his rejection of math-based political polls, but the 56-year-old never wavered in his tactics.

In October, with less than three weeks before Election Day, Mitchell maintained Trump would win the White House based on Halloween costume sales. He said every presidential election since 1980 had been predicted by the sale of Halloween masks. At the time, Trump masks were leading Clinton masks by 30 percent, according to Mitchell.

"If you arrived here from Mars today and you didn’t speak English but you saw Trump every single day of the week at these rallies—he’s dominating online, he’s dominating yard signs and rallies and all the physical things we can see—you’d think, ‘This guy is winning,’" he told Buzzfeed. "If it were up to me I’d make polling illegal. This is just my dream world."

Mitchell, who has compared Trump to Jesus, rejected predictions from veteran campaign strategists that Clinton’s organized operation would translate into a landslide win, pointing out that "Trump’s ground game isn’t in a computer, it’s in our hearts."

This holiday season, let us come together as Americans to embrace the spirit and wit of Bill Mitchell, Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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