2021 Man Of The Year: T.I.

T.I. in 2019 / Getty Images
December 30, 2021

In 2021, no city in the country commanded the attention of the political world quite like Atlanta, Georgia.

The ATL was ground zero for the disputed presidential election, not one but two razor-thin U.S. Senate races, an election security law that caused Major League Baseball to shamefully strip the city of its annual All-Star Game (only to have the World Series come to town in October), a secession movement, and finally and perhaps most controversially, a mayoral election.

With all of the political activity going on in the city over the past year, it's understandable that the final event on that list flew under our readers' collective radar. However, in accordance with the Washington Free Beacon's mission, we are required to report the news that mainstream outlets are too afraid to cover.

In 2021, perhaps no single act of political persuasion swung an election to greater effect than chart-topping recording artist T.I.'s breaking exclusive news drop on Atlanta mayoral candidate Felicia Moore.

On the eve of the runoff, in an 11th-hour bombshell, T.I. shared via Instagram a jaw-dropping report that claimed city councilor Moore, should she win the mayorship, planned to shut down the city's world-famous gentlemen's clubs!

With the precision and devastating force of a laser-guided MOAB, this news instantaneously leveled the Moore campaign. News spread faster than advanced HPV through the strip clubs of greater Hotlanta.

Twenty-four hours later, the T.I.-supported city councilor Andre Dickens was declared the winner in a landslide, winning over 63 percent of the vote, a 40-point swing from the election's first round!

Left with essentially no time to respond, Moore took to TMZ the next day to complain about T.I.'s masterstroke, blaming the rapper and his accomplice, Isaac Hayes III, for her loss.

For those doubting the legitimacy of the impact of T.I.'s Instagram post, the Free Beacon asks you, dear reader, to consider the following fact set.

• T.I. has over 14 million followers on Instagram.

• T.I. is arguably America's foremost expert on the stripping industry. His credibility in the strip game is undisputed and his dedication to the art is rivaled only by the likes of Adam "Pacman" JonesVince Neil, and Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell.

• According to Guinness, T.I. has made it rain in over 98 percent of all American juggy joints.*

In other words, when T.I. speaks, or raps, about strip clubs, people listen.

In touch with hard-working people of his city, T.I. did not hesitate to stand up for Atlanta's beleaguered industry, threatened by further government overreach.

His quick thinking and decisive action saved the day not only at the polls but also quite literally at the very poles of Atlanta, which will now stand for generations to come as monuments to his heroic work.

It may surprise some that Ms. Moore is not the first leftist politician felled by the superior political instincts of Mr. I.

Eagle-eyed Free Beacon readers may recall T.I.'s vehement opposition in 2016 to another anti-strip club leftist, former first lady and failed real estate investor Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For his relentless pursuit of the enemies of freedom, T.I. is hereby honored as 2021's Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

*Presumed yet unconfirmed.

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