2018 Men of the Year: Gay Liberal Millionaires for Trump

Bill White and Bryan Eure
Bill White and Bryan Eure / Getty Images
• December 26, 2018 10:00 am


Bravery takes many forms.

There's the sort of bravery that involves running into a burning building and dragging people out of the smoke and flame. (The sort of bravery that journalists demonstrate.) There's the sort of bravery that involves charging enemy fire, risking life and limb in order to take out a hardened position defended by those who want you dead. (The sort of bravery that social justice warriors demonstrate every day in The Meme Wars.)

Then there's the variety of bravery that entails standing up to friends and family and doing what's right just because it's right. Because the country will benefit as a result. Because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few—or the Upper East Side.

That's the sort of bravery demonstrated by Bill White and Bryan Eure—gay, liberal, millionaires who nevertheless want to MAGA.

The duo had fundraised for everyone around. Frauds like Barack Obama. Feminist icons like Hillary Clinton. But it wasn't until they discovered the charms of the straight-talking conductor of the Trump Train that they understood just how amazing politics could be.

"He's not a politician. … He's not going to configure himself as anything other than what he is. I think that he has an authenticity," White told the New York Times. And yet, for embracing this authentic billionaire whose taste runs toward the gold-plated, how have their friends reacted? With acceptance? With arms wide open?

No. They've been scorned, screamed at, shunned. Friends have turned their back. Hillaryworld has gone to war.

And yet, they endure. This is the sort of spirit that will make America great again. And for that, the Washington Free Beacon is proud to name Bill White and Bryan Eure men of the year.

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