2017 Man of the Year: Anti-Bunch Tweeter

Sonny Bunch elitist
• December 30, 2017 10:00 am


Twitter, a terrible place that often brings out the worst in people, can in some rare instances be used for good. That is what Twitter user @mcj545 also known as Michael Cook, Jr. did on May 31st of this year.

Mr. Cook spoke truth to power when he called Washington Free Beacon executive editor and known curmudgeon Sonny Bunch a "bitter fuck nugget."

"This is the most condescending article I've read in awhile. How dare young people take solace in a ‘kids' book!," Mr. Cook tweeted in reference to Bunch's Washington Post article.

"But they don't NEED to be. It's a coping mechanism you bitter fuck nugget," Mr. Cook continued.

Kuglefuck nugget image

"That sounds about right," Victorino Matus said in reference to Bunch being called a "bitter fuck nugget." Matus is the deputy editor for the Washington Free Beacon and co-host of "The Weekly Substandard" podcast, of which Bunch is also a co-host. "Calling Sonny Bunch a fuck nugget is an insult to nuggets."

Mr. Cook appeared to be angry at Bunch for mocking adults who frequently resort to Harry Potter references when talking about President Donald Trump and his administration.

"Dumbledore's not coming to save you; you can't just shout ‘Trumpius Impeachum' and wave a twig at the White House and expect Hillary Clinton to appear. A higher class of literature might better prepare you for dealing with reality—and preparation for the vagaries of the real world is far more important than cocooning oneself away in the world of fantasy," Bunch wrote, in typically elitist fashion.

Bunch is no stranger to controversy. He often expresses opinions that many assess to be incorrect and morally reprehensible. Sometimes Bunch's controversial views are backed up by facts but one thing is consistent: the bitterness with which Bunch expresses his opinions.

Bunch did not reply to a request for comment; he did, however, scowl angrily.

Twitter user @mcj545 was just sharing a sentiment that many at the Free Beacon share. Back in 2015, the Free Beacon published an article that questioned whether Bunch was history's greatest monster. It was inconclusive. One thing we know for sure? That @mcj545 is a 2017 Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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