2016 Man of the Year: Whiskey-Loving American Flag Painter

Scott LoBaido
Scott LoBaido / AP
• December 30, 2016 11:00 am


This Staten Island artist smokes and drinks daily and loves to paint the American flag. He also wants the politically correct chorus to "calm the f—k down."

Scott LoBaido, a supporter of Republican president-elect Donald Trump, is a passionate painter of patriotic art. He produces paintings and murals of the American flag, which he regards as the greatest single work of art.

LoBaido was profiled in a video published by the New York Post for its "Diary of a Mad White Patriot" series in November, and spoke boldly about his life and career as a proud American while telling those who criticize the flag and patriots like himself to shut up.

"I warned people about this politically correct tidal wave f—king 20 years ago," LoBaido tells the Post. "It's like this pussification that has occurred."

"F—king say what you want, man. I am a heterosexual, cigarette-smoking, drinking, you know, I like girls," he says. "I think everybody should just be a little more like me. I don't give a f—k 'cause I know who I am. I go to sleep at night, I sleep like a baby."

LoBaido identifies as a Republican and rejects failed Democratic nominee's assessment of Trump supporters like himself as "deplorables." He also smokes two packs of cigarettes daily, he says with pride, and drinks whiskey regularly.

LoBaido's works are available for purchase online, ranging from $250 for small canvasses and $9,000 for much larger ones. The original works are colorful and many of them feature unique and bold interpretations of the American flag.

"I've seen the Mona Lisa. I've seen the Sistine chapel. But the American flag, to me, is the greatest work of art," LoBaido said. And that sentiment is why he's a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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