2015 Man of the Year: Steve Kroft

Steve Kroft
Steve Kroft / AP
December 29, 2015

It’s always important to start and finish strong, and Steve Kroft managed to do both in 2015.

Just after the New Year, the 60 Minutes correspondent admitted to a "steamy" three-year affair involving "hot hotel hookups and torrid text messages."

"Kroft was getting his kink on with the aid of Viagra and racy text messages — including one in which he told his lover he ‘would rather be eating your pudding,’" according to the New York Post, recounting the story that was first broken in the National Enquirer.

It was revealed that Kroft is not only gifted in writing broadcast news copy. His texts read like prose:


Miss you and all that goes with it

Especially my favorite tastes and colors

Pink and brown. 


Working late.

Just ordered out.

Would rather be eating your pudding


Very hard playing golf

With A bulge

In my pants


Dress in Washington

Is Either professional or Laura Bush

Don’t dress like Beyoncé


Too old

And Sick

To jerk off

Kroft also boasted to his mistress that he was the "go-to" interviewer for President Obama, and he didn’t disappoint when he had the chance to sit down with the president this fall.

Kroft blasted Obama’s failed strategy fighting ISIS, told him Vladimir Putin is "challenging" his leadership, called his program that spent half a billion dollars and ended up with five trained Syrian rebels an "embarrassment," and asked why Obama is "projecting a weakness, not a strength" to our adversaries in the Middle East.

This was Kroft’s first question: "The last time we talked was this time last year, and the situation in Syria and Iraq had begun to worsen vis-à-vis ISIS. You had just unveiled a plan to provide air support for troops in Iraq, and also some air strikes in Syria, and the training and equipping of a moderate Syrian force. You said that this would degrade and eventually destroy ISIS."

"I mean, if you look at the situation and you're looking for progress, it's not easy to find," he said.

The president pushed back against Kroft’s assertion that Putin is challenging his leadership was "my definition of leadership is leading on climate change."

While some thought it was a "pretty sick burn," most handed the exchange to Kroft.

The Washington Free Beacon agrees, and salutes the newsman for his work on and off camera this year.

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