2013 Man of the Year: The American Soldier

U.S. militaryAs always, the American Soldier is a man of the year for the Washington Free Beacon. As these brave men and women fight for our freedom overseas, it is worth taking a moment to recognize their valor, salute their bravery, and mourn the 119 members of the armed services killed in Afghanistan this year.

2013 Man of the Year: Brian Griffin

Brian GriffinBetween the loss of titans of drama such as James Gandolfini and Peter O’Toole and emotional centers such as Cory Monteith, 2013 was, in many ways, a tragic year. But no death struck as (temporarily) deep as the passing of Brian Griffin. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane crafted a world where the ultra-liberal family dog was the last bastion of sanity in the irreverent, immature city of Quahog, Rhode Island.

2013 Man of the Year: Jay Leno

The most inoffensive, milquetoast king of late night comedy has emerged as a hero willing to speak truth to power. Jay Leno is on his way out as the host of "The Late Show" on NBC. He’s leaving with both guns blazing, and they are aimed squarely at the most powerful institutions in the United States: television executives and President Barack Obama.

2013 Man of the Year: Satan

SatanThe Lord of Darkness had a pretty solid year in 2013. He was one of the stars of the History Channel’s wildly successful miniseries “The Bible.” But his offscreen antics may have been even more notable.

2013 Man of the Year: Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower shutdown manOctober’s Shutdown Theater had all of the components of a compelling drama. Democrats and Republicans waltzed over Obamacare through the Halls of Congress. Meanwhile, on the gilded streets of the Capitol City, A Million Vet March protested Federal Park Stormtroopers for fortifying national monuments. And a man alone, armed with a half-a-horsepower lawnmower, was the sentinel for Freedom.

2013 Man of the Year: Matt Lee

Matt LeeIt’s very rare to find someone who instills the fear of god into others, and it’s even harder to find someone who has an uncanny ability to the find the truth in all situations. One such man is Associated Press State Department reporter Matt Lee.

2013 Man of the Year: Gary Sinise

Gary SiniseWhen award-winning actor Gary Sinise’s quirky character Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump gained a following of service members, he decided to use his celebrity for their benefit. He has spent countless hours serving the nation’s veterans through his charity, the Gary Sinise Foundation.

2013 Man of the Year: Biff Diddle

Biff DiddleKAGA-BANDORO, Central African Republic – In the course of human events, mankind is periodically compelled to survey its ranks in search of great men who, through their God-given genius and relentless work ethic, have changed history for the better. We honor these heroes with trophies, medals, and accolades like “Man of the Year.” However, for the truly great, for those who routinely assert their superiority over the common man, these moments are often bittersweet. There are times when the humble sensibilities of Elite Men, such as our selfless aversion to braggadocio, prevent us from seizing a title or a beautiful woman that is rightfully ours.