2013 Man of the Year: Matt Lee

Matt Lee
Matt Lee / screenshot
December 28, 2013

It’s very rare to find someone who instills the fear of God into others, and it’s even harder to find someone who has an uncanny ability to the find the truth in all situations. One such man is Associated Press State Department reporter Matt Lee.

Each weekday the State Department conducts press briefings. Matt Lee dominates the room whenever he’s in attendance. State Department flacks Jen Psaki and Marie Harf are no match for Lee’s questions, jokes, and overall command of the issues.

Lee needs only a pen, a yellow legal pad, and a Brooks Brothers blazer to send the State Department scrambling. The fear in Psaki and Harf’s eyes on a daily basis is something magical to watch.

So when you’re bored at work looking for some top-notch entertainment, check out a State Department briefing. Watch Matt Lee work his magic.

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