With No Cheat Sheet Handy, Sleepy Joe Prefers Softballs from C-List Celebs

The toughest 20 questions Biden has faced since the midterms (while avoiding the press and hastening the death of our democracy in darkness)

April 28, 2023

President Joe Biden is under fire for his egregious age as well as his refusal to answer unscripted questions from journalists. Sleepy Joe has held the fewest press conferences of any president since Ronald Reagan, the New York Times reported earlier this week. His handlers have sought to limit his "moments of public accountability." And it shows.

It's not as though Biden hasn't been answering any questions. The octogenarian president has been more than willing to sit down for interviews with C-list celebrities and celebrity journalists like Al Roker. Here's a look at 20 of the toughest questions Biden has faced since October 2022.

Smartless podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, November 2022

1) "Before we start, I don't have a question. I just want to say a thank you for something, and I have to read a quote that you said almost 10 years ago. And now that you're sitting in front of me, and it's such an honor, and I'm shaking a little bit."

2) "You get into the PJs. You let them know what you want for dinner, and then you start watching TV with Jill. Is that what happens?"

3) "What's your No. 1 sport, if you had to rank them, that you like to watch?"

4) "Do you want to appoint me the golf czar?"

5) "I want to know about suits. How many suits?" 

6) "Your empathy is genuine, it's sincere, it's infectious. And it's a pleasure to be led by you."

The D.L. Hughley Radio Show, November 2022

7) "I've been certainly impressed by your legislative accomplishments. I think you've done things. I think you've basically kept a lot of the promises you made on the campaign trail. Do you think that that's resonated with the American people?"

8) "The things you have done have mattered. And I think that people will start seeing the results of those. I mean, it's just almost like when you start taking medicine, you don't oftentimes see it with the immediacy that you like. But I don't think that your work has gone unnoticed, and I hope that it doesn't go unrewarded. So, thank you."

Interview with NBC reporter Dylan Dryer, November 2022

9) "Hello, Mr. President? I don't think I can hear you. Can you hear me, Mr. President? Hello? Happy Thanksgiving. Mr. President, are you there?"

10) "I was so worried this call wasn't going to go through. How are you?"

The Drew Barrymore Show, December 2022

11) "Would you say that you're a good gift giver to Dr. Biden?"

12) "How are you feeling about your gift this year?"

13) "Well, I actually need to ask about the five proposals. Is it true you proposed five times? And what was it that finally won her over?"

14) So, you believe in love at first sight?

15) "Jill's favorite room in the house. Do you know what it is?

Kal Penn interview on The Daily Show, March 2023

16) "I wanted to ask you a slightly different question. So, my partner, Josh, and I have been engaged for the last five years, which really only means that every auntie and uncle that I have is beyond disappointed that there hasn't been a wedding yet. But Cardi B is going to marry us, apparently, officiate our wedding, which would be nice."

17) "But my question for you, Mr. President, is you codified support for same-sex marriage and interracial marriages like ours. I'm curious what your evolution was like on marriage equality and what the federal government might be able to do to protect LGBTQ Americans, especially trans kids who are dealing with all these regressive state laws that are popping up right now."

18) "I know we're on limited time, so I just want to ask you. Looking ahead, there are a lot of names floated. It's a crowded, crowded field. Who should be the next permanent host of The Daily Show?

Al Roker interview on the Today show, April 2023

19) "First of all, how was your Easter?"

20) "I was just wondering, Mr. President, will you be taking part in the Easter egg rolls after 2024?"

To this last question, Biden responded that he would "either be rolling egg or being, you know, the guy who's pushing them out." He is 80 years old and recently announced he is running for reelection.

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