WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Says ‘I’m a Historic Figure’ in a ‘Historic-Making Administration’

June 19, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre believes she is a "historic figure" who "walk[s] in history every day."

"Many things have made me incredibly proud to be at that podium during this historic moment," she said during an interview with TheGrio, a "black news" network. "Again, this is a historic administration, I'm a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day."

Jean-Pierre added that "this is also a historic-making [sic] administration because of this president."

The press secretary has emphasized her identity throughout her role in the Biden administration. She spent her first press briefing explaining the importance of her identity.

"I am obviously acutely aware that my presence at this podium represents a few firsts. I am a black, gay, immigrant woman, the first of all three of those to hold this position," Jean-Pierre said in May 2022. "If it were not for generations of barrier-breaking people before me, I would not be here. But I benefit from their sacrifices. I have learned from their excellence, and I am forever grateful to them."

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