WATCH: Joy Behar Says She's 'Turned On' By Joe Biden Screaming at Staffers

The View cohost Joy Behar said that she was "turned on" by President Joe Biden’s anger at White House staffers.

Axios reported Monday that Biden is prone to unleash his rage on "senior and lower aides alike," in contrast to his public image as a "kindly uncle."

"She’s turned on by Biden’s anger. I am too, I like it," Behar said Tuesday, in response to Fox News host Lisa Kennedy joking Monday that Biden’s reported volatility "turned me on."

"I like that, I mean, he’s such a mild-mannered sweet guy," Behar continued.

Even amid her seeming infatuation, Behar was quick to clarify her anti-racist bona fides: "He just blows off steam, his white male privilege, it’s called. Imagine if it’s a woman or a black guy doing it, not allowed."

Attractive as his foul-mouthed outbursts may be to the 80-year-old Behar, they may be another sign that Biden, also 80, is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.