Poll: Two-Thirds Support Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision

Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas / Getty Images
July 17, 2023

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down racial preferences in college admissions was correctly decided.

According to a Rasmussen poll released Monday, 65 percent of likely U.S. voters approve of the Court’s decision, including 49 percent who "strongly approve." Even as President Joe Biden denounced the Court’s ruling, 52 percent of Democrats said they supported the decision, with only 39 percent opposed.

Only 28 percent of likely voters expressed disapproval, with 16 percent saying they "strongly disapproved."

Less than one-fifth of respondents said that they thought affirmative action policies had been successful.

The newly released survey is hardly an outlier. An Economist/YouGov survey published earlier this month found that 59 percent of Americans agreed with the Court’s decision. While the media were quick to portray the decision as racist, this survey also found that pluralities of blacks and Hispanics supported the decision.

Prior to the Court’s decision, the vast majority of Americans, including most Democrats, believed that universities should not consider race as a factor in college admissions.