Parents Struggle With Worsening Baby Food Shortage

Wikimedia Commons

The nationwide shortage of baby formula became even more dire last month, according to data from product pricing tracker Datasembly reported by Business Insider.

At the start of April, more than 30 percent of retailers in the United States were out of stock in formula, Datasembly found. By the end of the month, 40 percent of retailers were out of stock. The shortages are reportedly driven by the supply chain issues that have disrupted the economy since 2021, as well as recalls of certain formula products.

The situation is so pressing, according to Business Insider, that in six states—Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee—most retailers are out of stock in baby formula.

Retailers are taking measures to keep product in stock, including limiting the amount customers can purchase.

One mother interviewed by Business Insider said she's struggling to provide for her premature son since his formula was recalled. Her son now requires a replacement brand four times a week that costs $33 per can.

Some mothers have turned to each other for help, joining Facebook groups in which mothers seek leads for acquiring formula.

"People post on moms' Facebook group looking for formula and another mom will comment; 'I'm willing to spare one can or whatever,'" one mother, Lia Daley, told Business Insider.

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