'Do You Know Who the F— I Am': Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep Caught on Video Threatening To Shut Down Bar

Pennsylvania state representative Kevin Boyle (@PhillyCrimeUpd/X)
February 9, 2024

Pennsylvania State House representative Kevin Boyle (D.) was caught on video in a drunken tirade berating bar staff and threatening to use his political power to shut down the local business.

Boyle can be seen on video yelling, "I’ll close your f–ing bar. This bar is done! Do you know who the f— I am? This bar is done tomorrow!" He also cursed at those present and accused them of being "U.S. military intelligence and traitors," per the video.

According to Philly Crime Update, sources close to the matter claimed that police were called to the scene to remove the representative from the premises. The incident reportedly took place earlier this week at Gaul and Co. Malt House in Rockledge, Pa.

Boyle did not immediately return a request for comment.

Boyle, who was first elected in 2010 and represents Pennsylvania’s 172nd House district, is running for reeelection in November. Patrick Gushue (R.), a U.S. Army veteran, is running to unseat Boyle.

"I truly hope that Representative Boyle receives the necessary care during this challenging time. His unacceptable behavior and threats to utilize his position of authority to close a local business highlights the need for new leadership in the district," Gushue said. "As a U.S Army Ranger, I have a proven track record of service to our country and look forward to earning the chance to continue my service by representing the great people of Northeast Philadelphia."

Pennsylvania House Democratic leadership issued a joint statement to Axios, calling the video "very troubling."

"Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help," the statement said.

Boyle’s troubled history in office goes back to 2021, when he was arrested and subsequently charged with harassment and violation of a protection from abuse order from his wife. He was sidelined by fellow Democrats at the time, including then-governor Tom Wolf (D.), who called on him to resign. It was revealed after his arrest that Boyle was dealing with mental health challenges, for which he agreed to seek treatment.

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