Biden Failed To Recall the Word ‘Veteran’ During 2023 Speech: Report

(Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
July 9, 2024

At a June 2023 fundraiser, President Joe Biden had trouble recalling the word "veteran," forcing the octogenarian to ask the crowd for help, according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday, which revealed that Biden’s advisers have "sought to minimize signs" of the president’s aging for more than a year.

The newly surfaced episode occurred during a fundraiser at the Four Seasons in New York. Biden addressed the crowd for 5 to 10 minutes before taking questions from the audience of donors.

"At one point, Biden couldn’t recall the word for ‘veteran.’ The president asked the group to help him find the word, saying he wanted to refer to a person who had served in the Army or Navy," the Journal reported. Attendees "were struck by how fragile he seemed."

These new details come as Democrats lose faith in Biden’s reelection bid following his dismal debate performance last month. House Democrats met in a private caucus meeting at the Democratic National Headquarters to discuss unity around the president. Rep. Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.), when asked if the party was on the same page about support for Biden, responded, "We are not even in the same book."

Since the debate, Biden has doubled down on his commitment to the race, characterizing the debate as a "one-off" and a "bad night." But reports show his debate behavior is far more common than Biden and his surrogates assure.

During a speech at the same 2023 fundraiser, Biden became "very stiff" forcing aides to rush in with a chair for him so he could continue his remarks, legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein reported.

A former Biden adviser told a colleague that same summer his recent meeting with the president was "not good," citing Biden’s noticeable aging since their last meeting, the Journal reported.

Biden’s advisers have shielded the president from impromptu exchanges and off-the-cuff access with the press and lawmakers for months. "Biden has had fewer small meetings with lawmakers as his term has gone on, visitor logs show," the Journal reported.

Biden's close circle has continued to downplay concerns of the president’s mental decline as mere distractions.

"None of them change the facts at play this election and what this campaign will be focused on every single day: that President Biden is the most accomplished president in modern history," Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz said.

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