Biden Admin Official Suspended After Report She Celebrated Hamas Attacks, Worked for PLO

Bodies of victims of an attack, following a mass infiltration by Hamas gunmen. (Reuters)
October 19, 2023

The Biden administration suspended a DHS official Wednesday after a report surfaced that she celebrated Hamas's attacks on Israel and worked for the Palestine Liberation Organization.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman confirmed to the Washington Examiner that the agency suspended Nejwa Ali, whom the department hired in 2019 under the Trump administration to help handle asylum claims. Ali had previously served as a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Delegation to the United States, which described itself as the "PLO office in D.C."

The Palestine Liberation Organization is a nationalist coalition that has limited control over the West Bank. Members of the coalition, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian Liberation Front, are designated foreign terrorist organizations by the United States.

In January, Ali moved to a new role within DHS as an adjudication officer, where she would "analyze new or amended legislation and policy, prepare written reports of findings, and review and make determinations on cases for immigration benefits," the agency's website reads. This month, she made several posts celebrating Hamas's Oct. 7 terror attacks under the social media moniker "Falastine Mi Amor," according to a Daily Wire investigation.

"F— Israel and any Jew that supports Israel," she posted Oct. 9 on Facebook, according to the Daily Wire. She also posted on Instagram a computer-generated image of Hamas terrorists parachuting into Israel with guns, a reference to one of the methods by which they crossed the barrier from Gaza to kill over 1,400 Israelis.

Before DHS suspended Ali, the department told the Daily Wire that the agency's employees are "held to high ethical standards both on and off duty, including their presence on social media," adding that "any violation of these standards is taken seriously by the agency."

Ali responded in a hostile manner to the Daily Wire when the publication reached her for comment.

"That’s none of your f—ing business. Mind your business before I call the police. If I were you I’d respectfully hang up the phone right now," she said when asked if she had disclosed her previous employment to the department.

"That does not affect the ability to do my job at all. You can mind your own business," she said when asked if her views on Israel impacted her ability to work as an official for the U.S. government.

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