Woman Arrested for Shoving Used Sanitary Napkin in Anti-Planned Parenthood Protester’s Mouth

A woman identified as 21-year-old Valerie Starushok assaulted an anti-Planned Parenthood protester by shoving a wet maxi-pad into the protester's mouth.

The incident occurred outside of an Ashland, Ore. Planned Parenthood on Jan. 27. Starushok approached the protester, who was recording the entire incident, and "struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin," according to the Ashland Police Department. Starushok screamed profanities to the unidentified protester.

"Eat this [expletive] pad, you cock face!" Starushok shouted before running towards the back of the building.

The protester can be heard in the video saying that he now had to call the police. The pro-Planned Parenthood protesters said that the attack was deserved.

After a police report was filed against Starushok, she turned herself in and is being charged with one count of harassment, according to local NBC affiliate KOBI 5.