Williams College Under Investigation for Discrimination Against Jewish Students

Williams College
Williams College / Wikimedia Commons

Williams College has come under federal investigation over allegations that it has discriminated against Jewish students over the failed recognition of a pro-Israel student group, a recent incident that drew anti-Jewish bias on campus to the forefront.

"In a May 31 letter, the Office for Civil Rights' Boston office said it had accepted a complaint alleging the College Council violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act," the College Fix reported. "That prohibits ‘discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin, including shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics.'"

The investigation follows the school's rejection of a pro-Israel student group, which eventually found itself approved outside of the normal process following a flurry of complaints about Jewish students being targeted for their pro-Israel stance.

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"David Bernstein, a law professor at George Mason University, had filed the complaint May 2, alleging that the council is an ‘official arm' of Williams and thus covered by Title VI," according to College Fix.

"The government letter is dated 17 days after the Williams administration voted to recognize the Williams Initiative for Israel, also known as WIFI, using a separate process that largely excludes the College Council," the site reported.

Spokesmen for the college and the Office for Civil Rights did not respond to Washington Free Beacon requests for comment on the investigation.