Warner Blames Trump for Obamacare Problems From Before His Presidency

• May 5, 2017 1:19 am


Sen. Mark Warner (D., Va.) on Thursday blamed President Donald Trump for Obamacare problems that started before he entered the White House.

CNN host Jake Tapper mentioned to Warner that insurance company Aetna is pulling out of the Affordable Care Act exchanges in Virginia and how many counties in the state will only have one insurer option for its residents. Tapper then asked if Obamacare was failing in Warner's home state.

"I was disappointed that Aetna has pulled out, but I also understand with the lack of certainty," Warner said. "You've got this administration who is obviously very committed to using every tool it can to try to wreck Obamacare."

The Virginia Democrat then said some insurers are pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges because they are unsure if Trump will "honor" the law's individual mandate.

After Warner finished criticizing Trump and Republicans, Tapper called Warner out for blaming Trump.

"Senator, with all due respect, I mean, Obamacare insurance companies were been pulling out of Obamacare exchanges long before Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible," Tapper said. "This has been a problem going on for a long time."

Warner did not walk back his remarks and said Obamacare has needed work since it was first passed by Democrats in 2010.

"Because there's been a need to make repairs in Obamacare since the first year," Warner said.