Trump Budget Cuts EPA By 31 Percent

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The Trump administration's budget cuts the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent.

The budget, released officially Tuesday, seeks to reduce the agency's redundancies and efficiencies while prioritizing infrastructure and environmental clean up efforts. If adopted, the EPA would receive $5.655 billion.

The budget allocates $2.3 billion for state revolving funds, an increase from current agency funding in the continuing resolution. Other budget increases include programs related to drinking water, wastewater, and infrastructure.

The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, which provides subsidies for water projects, would receive $20 million. The administration expects private-public partnerships of up to $1 billion for infrastructure investments.

In addition, nearly $1 billion will go towards clean up efforts, including superfund sites, and Brownfields.

The EPA says the budget respects the American taxpayer by saving $1 billion by eliminating roughly 50 duplicative programs.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is seeking to eliminate 25 percent of the agency's employees, though the budget does not provide a specific number for reduction in fiscal year 2018.

Despite claims from Democrats, the budget continues to fund research for clean water and clean air.