Sad MoJo Panel Doesn’t Get Why Warren Buffett Doesn’t Want To Pay Higher Taxes

The Morning Joe panel was in a state of bemusement Tuesday morning when it was reported that Warren Buffett helped grease the deal that landed Burger King popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton’s, which would allow BK to pay the lower Canadian corporate tax rate of 15 percent, instead of the American rate of 35 percent.

The Left paraded Buffett around the country in 2012 as a "good billionaire" with his comments that wealthier Americans should pay higher taxes. The false idol worship culminated with President Obama trotting out the eponymous "Buffett Rule" as a way to pressure Congress to succumb to constant fawning coverage programs like Morning Joe gave Buffett daily.

Buffett was quoted in May for critiquing businesses for the same tax inversion deal he just financed. The look on Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough’s faces were akin to the look your kids make when they learn that the mall Santa Claus is, in fact, not the real Santa and once did time at county.

Let it be known that Mike Barnicle does not need Whoppers, despite looking like he enjoyed one or two back in his day.