Obamacare Website Now Giving Out Personal Information

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Thomas Dougall a South Carolina attorney during Tuesday nights show. A month ago Mr. Dougall tried to enroll in Obamacare through the website healthcare.gov.

This past Friday Mr. Dougall received a voicemail from Justin Hadley a North Carolina resident. Mr. Hadley informed Mr. Dougall that the Obamacare website had emailed him Mr. Dougall personal information.

Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) asked Marilyn Tavenner about Thomas Dougall situation today during a hearing. Tavenner claimed that they had "reached out to Mr. Dougall several times."  Mr. Dougall claims that he was first contacted by HHS at 3:15 PM today, and his information was just taken off the website.

When Greta asked Mr. Dougall about having his security breached he responded, "that according to healthcare.gov I am the only person in America that this has happened to and I find that hard to believe."