McConnell Rips Democrats For Ignoring Obamacare Warnings

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) tore into Obamacare’s problems – and the Democrats trying to distance themselves from the law they passed – during his opening statement Wednesday.

"The folks who voted for this law and the president whose name it bears did everything they could to keep these folks in the dark about the realities of Obamacare for more than three years.

Countless independent experts, health care professionals and insurance authorities across the country all warned, all of them warned about what we're seeing right now. So did many of us. If only the Democrats who run Washington had listened."

McConnell read out letters from multiple constituents detailing their rising insurance costs and restricted access to care due to the changes in the Affordable Care Act. "All of this is completely and totally unacceptable," the Minority Leader stated.

"For the sake of our country," McConnell hoped, Democrats would accept that Obamacare, "can’t and won’t work, and that their constituents deserve better."

Once Democrats could accept that, McConnell said, "Republicans will be right here just as we’ve always been, ready to work with them to start over with real reforms that decrease costs and improve access to care."

"That’s what our constituents wanted all along and that’s just what we should give them."