Maryland Woman Packs 277 Christmas Trees Into Her Home

• December 18, 2013 2:04 pm


What started off as a sibling rivalry over whose house was the most decorated for Christmas has turned into a full time hobby for one Maryland woman, who boasts that her home contains 277 Christmas trees-and she adds more every year.

WTTG visited Renetta Zanco’s Christmas compound- a home that would surely make Santa jealous.

The trees decorating Zanco’s house are creatively made and obtained-one made from toilet paper rolls, one made of spoons from all over the world, and one from Santa Claus, Ind.

Zanco, who is retired from the Air Force, said her interest in Christmas decorating has only intensified since her previous stint working weekends at a Christmas shop to receive the discount the store gives its employees and because of the post-Christmas sale they have.

Her beautifully decorated home may look like a Christmas miracle, but it takes hard work. Zanco says that she has spent between eight and 10 hours a day for many days putting the trees and decorations up.

While her husband refuses to let her decorate the basement, the attic is a different story: it’s a Christmas wonderland. She has set up a display for Santa’s workshop.

Zanco anticipates that it will take her about a month to put the Christmas decorations away.

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