Dems Reject Gun Violence Bill as Shootings Surge in Baltimore

Dem senator: 'I don’t think anyone has walked out of here thinking that we've done enough'

Maryland Democrats rejected a bill aimed at combating gun violence as Baltimore mayor Jack Young publicly begged residents to stop shooting each other so hospitals could be used to treat coronavirus patients.

Report: Rich Liberals Are Suffering, Too

'There are dogs barking and they're just not doing anything'

America is experiencing an epidemic of anxiety in all its forms—emotional, economic, social, cultural, and so on. The economy might be strong, but the American people are suffering. Even rich liberals are beginning to feel the sting of hardship.

Rich Libs in Posh D.C. Suburb Freak Out Over Affordable Housing Proposal

"Just because others flee crime-ridden and poverty-stricken areas doesn’t mean Montgomery County has to be turned into a slum to accommodate them"

Residents of one of the wealthiest, most liberal counties in the United States are freaking out over a measure to increase the availability of affordable housing in the area — yet another example of how rich liberals readily abandon their alleged commitment to social and economic justice when given the opportunity to actually follow through on said commitment in their own backyard.

Maryland AG Frosh Gave ‘Leadership’ to Bloomberg’s Enviro-Lawyer Scheme

Virginia lawmakers have moved to circumvent third-party attorneys in AG office

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh (D.) was a key player in the rollout of a well-funded plan by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to place lawyers into attorney general offices across the nation to litigate environmental and climate change issues, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of emails obtained by a D.C.-based attorney.