'Private' Video Leaked of Democratic Virgin Islands Delegate

Stacey Plaskett
Stacey Plaskett / AP
July 21, 2016

A lewd video of Virgin Islands delegate Stacey E. Plasket and her husband was briefly posted online Wednesday.

The freshman Democrat said the video was posted with the goal of "destroying" her family for "political gain." The leak included a topless selfie taken by Plaskett and a video of her naked husband Jonathan Buckney-Small wearing makeup.

"Private photographs shared between my husband and me, as well as a private playful video of our family, including one of our children, were illegally obtained and disseminated via the internet." Plaskett said in a statement.

"This incident shows that there are some people who will go to any length to degrade a woman who refuses to play their games," said Plaskett. "I know the people of our Virgin Islands are disgusted by individuals who would try to destroy families for political gain."

Plaskett’s challenger Gordon Ackley, a businessman from St. Thomas, said "It is deeply unfortunate when those entrusted to serve our community engage in a manner that poorly reflects upon the Virgin Islands."

Plaskett’s congressional staff notified federal authorities to further investigate the incident.

"Our office is currently working with the Capitol Police and the FBI and I can confirm that an active investigation is underway to find out who committed this crime and anyone else who may have been involved," said Jerome Murray, Plaskett’s chief of staff.