Julianne Moore Calls for Limiting Number of Guns People Can Own

Actress and gun control activist Julianne Moore endorsed limiting the number of firearms U.S. citizens can own during an appearance Thursday on "The View."

Host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out Moore is part of "Everytown for Gun Safety," and that the group wasn't about gun control but rather about safety.

"People like to talk about it as if it's a Second Amendment issue. It's a safety issue. A gun is a machine," Moore said.

Moore said when cars were first introduced, there were fatalities because safety measures like air bags and seat belts had not been instituted.

Among the measures Moore said Everytown endorsed were background checks, which are already required under federal law for licensed gun dealers.

"I also think personally limitations on the amount of firearms you can own," Moore said, wondering why the perpetrator of the massacre in Las Vegas owned nearly 50 guns. "No one has an answer. We know how we can limit fatalities. We know how we can make it less painful for everybody involved."