Illinois Woman: Obamacare Plans ‘Unaffordable’

Woman Opts to Pay Penalty Rather Than Enroll in Obamacare


An Illinois woman is choosing to pay the penalty for not purchasing Obamacare rather than buy insurance through the health exchange, citing the exorbitant costs of the plans offered.

Donna Hillyer, whose family has been uninsured, told WICD-IL that she had been looking forward to enrolling in health insurance, but after researching healthcare plans, she determined that her family just could not afford it.

If the Hillyer family chose to purchase health insurance, they would face a $645 premium payment every month. Their deductible cost them a whopping $12,700. The Hillyer family would pay over $20,000 before insurance would begin to cover medical expenses. President Obama has continuously promised that Obamacare health insurance plans are cheaper than a cellphone plan.

Unable to afford the insurance, Hillyer is now forced to pay the penalty imposed by the Obama administration on individuals who do not purchase health insurance. The penalty will set the Hillyer family back quite a bit.

Hillyer explained to WICD-IL, "The way I understand it, our penalty would be about $480 per year- that is less than one month’s premium, so to me, it makes more sense just to do the penalty."

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