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“You won’t shoot me,” intruder says before being shot

Potted plants / AP
• July 14, 2016 5:50 pm


A Georgia man was shot by an elderly couple on Tuesday after he broke into their home, climbed on their roof, and threw plants at them.

A 29-year-old lawyer from Chattanooga, Tennesse allegedly broke into the couple’s home in nearby Catoosa County, Georgia. The man walked into the home uninvited Tuesday evening and carried a blanket with him, according to the Times Free Press.

When one of the homeowners told the intruder to leave, he refused.

"I’m not leaving your fucking home," the intruder responded.

The homeowner then told him that if he did not leave, he would be shot.

"You won’t shoot me," the intruder said.

"My husband was a Marine, and he will shoot you," the woman said while handing a firearm to her husband.

After seeing the gun, the intruder said, "I'm sorry, I have the wrong house," and proceeded to leave the house.

However, the intruder immediately re-entered the home to grab the blanket he had entered with before running back outside. He then went to the back of the house and tried to enter that way. The homeowners called the police and locked their doors.

The intruder then began throwing potted plants at the homeowners’ family members and threatened to harm them and himself. He even attempted to climb the roof of one of the buildings on the homeowners’ property. The homeowners again told the intruder to leave.

"If you don’t leave, I will kill your ass," the husband said.

"You don’t have any bullets," the intruder responded.

After the homeowner fired a warning shot into the ground, the intruder lunged at the armed man and was shot twice. Police showed up a few minutes later and took the intruder to the hospital. He was later transported to jail.

The intruder was charged with a slew of crimes related to the incident, including aggravated assault against the elderly and making terroristic threats.

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