Gruber Repeatedly Refuses to Disclose How Much He Earned in Taxpayer Dollars

December 9, 2014

Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) hammered Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on the amount of taxpayer dollars he received as a Health Care Adviser to the Obama administration on Tuesday.

Despite calls from Jordan and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) to admit exactly how much he was paid, Gruber refused to give a dollar amount before the committee, on the advice of his lawyer.

"I'm asking you a question, give me a dollar amount--how much were you paid? The American taxpayer would like to know how much they paid you to deceive them and then got made fun of by the very dollars that they paid you to make fun of them," Jordan said. "They'd like to know that, so how much were you paid?"

"As I said, the committee can take that up with my counsel," Gruber said.

Issa pointed out the committee did not receive the full disclosure of the funds Gruber received for his services, and threatened to continue calling Gruber back before the committee until he admits the full amount.

"Please do not make this drag on longer," Issa told Gruber. "You took an oath saying you would tell the truth, the whole truth. Not the truth and only what your counsel says is going to be discussed. It is all questions, all answers."

After discussing with his lawyer, Gruber again refused to give Jordan an exact dollar amount.

"I don't recall the total," Gruber said.