Former Obama Chief of Staff: ‘A Very Small Slice’ of the Country Has Benefited from the Recovery


Bill Daley, who was part of the Clinton administration and former White House chief of staff for President Obama, said that only a small slice of the country has benefited from the recovery.

In the past six years, the middle-class economic policies Obama has laid out have failed in terms of income inequality and wage growth. Daley said that if Clinton is elected president, she will face the challenge to come up with a different plan.

"She can’t run as the third term of Barack Obama," Daley said.

Daley said that presidential candidates will have to lay out economic policies that benefit more people. Daley also said that while the recovery has been good for the country, only a small slice of the country has benefited from the recovery.

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Alyssa Canobbio is the War Room Director for the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Beacon, she worked as a Communications Associate for Americans for Tax Reform. Alyssa is originally from New Jersey and lives in Arlington, Virginia. In her free time she enjoys sailing, craft beer, and watching the Steelers and the Phillies. Her Twitter handle is @AlyssaEinDC. She can be reached at

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