FBI Director: ‘No Timeline’ in Clinton Email Probe, Would Rather ‘Do it Well’

James Comey / AP
• April 21, 2016 3:11 pm


FBI Director James Comey said the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server could extend past the Democratic National Convention next July, during a discussion at the Aspen Security Forum in London on Thursday.

Comey, who has previously said he feels no pressure to wrap up to probe before the general election, said the FBI has been more focused on thoroughness than speed.

"We aspire to do all our investigations in two ways, well and promptly," said Comey. "I get that people care about this investigation, and so we're working very hard to ensure it's done well and promptly. If we had to choose between the two choices, we'd do it well."

"There's no timetable on any investigation, but somebody asked me in the States about ‘is the Democratic National Convention a hard stop for you? Is that a key date for you’?" said Comey, adding that the convention was not a deadline for investigators.

The FBI director, who previously served as deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush, also said he was "personally close to this investigation" and assured that it was being done "competently, honestly and independently."

The bureau launched its investigation last July and is reportedly looking into whether classified information was mishandled over Clinton’s private email server.

The FBI has stressed that the politics are not a factor in the investigation, but the probe would almost certainly play a role in the general election if Clinton were nominated. The Los Angeles Times reported last month that investigators have started setting up formal interviews with Clinton’s top aides.

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