Dem Rep: GOP’s Budget Could ‘Lead to Violence,’ People Rising Up Like in Baltimore

A House Democrat threatened that violence would arise from the GOP’s recently approved budget, which aims to eliminate the deficit in less than ten years.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) referred to Republicans as "free marketers," a label most would likely happily take, and called the poor "have-nots" who would incite violence, CNS reported.

"The free marketers have been winning of late, and it is to the detriment of this country," Johnson said. "And if we are not careful, the have-nots in this country will rise up like the rioters in Baltimore."

Johnson said the riots in Baltimore were not in response to police brutality but because of "deeper economic issues."

The five-term congressman was asked if by "rise up" he was referring to the protests or the violence.

Johnson said he was specifically referring to violence and reiterated his belief that the GOP was provoking it.

"You are saying budgets like this could lead to violence?" an NPR reporter asked.

"Yes, I am," Johnson said.