Colleges Turn Blind Eye to Anti-Semitic Behavior

Anti-Israel protest on New York City's Brooklyn Bridge / AP

Colleges in the United States are allowing and even encouraging anti-Semitic groups to preach hatred on their campuses, with groups of pro-Palestinian students engaging in a variety of behaviors against Jews and the state of Israel, according to a New York Post report published Monday.

In one 2014 incident at New York University, students distributed fake eviction notices to classmates they believed to be Jewish. The "prank" has since spread to various other universities.

The attacks against pro-Israel students have gone as far as calling for the death of those who practice Judaism, the Post reported.

"Death to Jews! Death to Jews!" members of the crowd shrieked.

This didn't happen in Germany in the 1930s, nor was it a modern-day ISIS extravaganza. The hatefest occurred last year at the Million Student March at Manhattan's Hunter College, part of the City University of New York.

Following the anti-Israeli actions, the City University of New York requested outside counsel to investigate the incidents. The report delivered to the Chancellor of CUNY concluded that these behaviors were protected as free speech.

That same day, Chancellor Milliken issued a statement emphasizing that "Universities are places where free speech, debate and the open exchange of ideas are … necessary to our mission [but that] intolerant, hateful and bigoted speech, while it may be legally protected, is anathema to our values."

Colleges throughout the country have recently increased punishments for students found to be conducting hateful actions. However, anti-Semitic behavior has often received nothing more than condemnation due to its "protected" nature.