CNN: Obamacare Enrollment a ‘Complete Disaster’ for Obama

CNN’s Gloria Borger called the Obamacare enrollment numbers Wednesday a "complete disaster for the administration," and accused the White House of "low-balling what to expect":

GLORIA BORGER: It's been a complete disaster for the administration. It’s clear they have been low-balling what to expect. And I’m not quite sure they low-balled it enough. It’s clear that the state exchanges are having, you know, a better time of it than the federal government exchange. There seems to be a great deal of interest out there, however, in sort of the health care plan. And in people shopping. But I think what you're going to hear a lot of talk about is what's the difference between enrolled or logged on? I mean, I have a little bit of experience with online shopping, as I’m sure Dana and you do, too. There’s a difference between putting something in your cart and checking out. And that's the big question here. How many people will finally check out and pay?