Boehner: I’ve Never Used Cannabis

John Boehner has changed his mind about cannabis, but he's never tried it and likely never will.

CNBC host Carl Quintanilla said the viewers would want to know if he partakes in it, but the former Speaker of the House, who joined the board of a cannabis corporation this week, told CNBC he's sticking with his cigarettes and wine.

"No!" Boehner said. "I've never used it. Never, ever used it. I don't expect to. Cigarettes and red wine are my creatures of habit."

This week, Boehner joined the board of advisers of Acreage Holdings, which operates in 11 states. A former opponent of marijuana legalization, Boehner said his views on the issue have "evolved."

"I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is needed so we can do research, help our veterans, and reverse the opioid epidemic ravaging our communities," Boehner wrote on Twitter.

Boehner, a former Republican congressman from Ohio, served as House Speaker from 2011 until retiring in 2015.