Anderson Cooper: Biden Probably Watching Gilmore Girls When He Should Have Been at Paris Rally

January 14, 2015

The hits just keep on coming, and now, outspoken liberals are getting in on it.

Anderson Cooper expressed his dismay at the White House for not participating in the Paris unity march. The CNN anchor said "the Vice President spends his weekends watching Gilmore Girls," referring to what America's second in command could have been doing rather than attending the rally.

Cooper, on the Late Show with David Letterman, discussed the defiance he saw from the French people when he landed in Paris to cover the rally.

Cooper jested, "And to see president Obama there was just extraordinary," drawing laugher and applause.

The Obama Administration has admitted it erred in not sending a high level official to Paris following the terrorist attacks killing 17 in Paris. Criticism of the White House only grew sharper when spokesperson Josh Earnest confessed that neither the President nor the Vice President had any public engagements the day of the march.

Cooper griped, "That's what Vice President exist for."

It was Letterman who summarized Americans' feelings best when he bemoaned that the President didn't take advantage of an opportunity to send a message of unity.

Letterman said, "What a great statement it would have been, not only for this country, but for the global concern of this kind of attack, if the President himself attended."