Amtrak Police Unveils Text Message Tip Line

The Amtrak Police Department introduced the "Txt-a-Tip" program on Wednesday.

Passengers and employees are encouraged to text reports of suspicious activity to Amtrak Police who will then correspond directly via text message. WTOP reports:

Passengers who report suspected criminal or suspicious activity using the system will receive a message acknowledging the report, and will then be connected to a live Amtrak police officer. That officer will then correspond directly via text message with the person to learn more about the situation and determine what action to take.

"What it does is it allows our passengers and employees and an additional means by which to contact us," said Amtrak Police Chief Polly Hanson.

Amtrak officials say passengers and frontline employees provide an extra line of defense by being an additional set of eyes and ears while in or around their stations, trains and facilities.

The text service gives passengers a discreet way to contact officials when something happens or when they have a suspicion.