Biden: If I'm the Nominee, I Want Bernie to Be Part of the Journey

April 7, 2020

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden said Tuesday if he were to become the party's nominee, he would include rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in his campaign.

Biden, who previously said Sanders's self-described democratic socialist label was politically toxic, told Today he agrees with much of his rival's platform.

"If I'm the nominee, I can tell you one thing. I would very much want Bernie to be part of the journey," Biden said. "Not as a vice presidential nominee but just engaging in all the things that he's worked so hard to do, many of which I agree with."

Biden also praised Sanders for his "impact" on American political history, despite his failure to gain a majority of Democratic voters.

"Bernie is one of probably half a dozen people in American history who may not be the nominee but has had an impact on American politics in a significant way and a positive way," Biden said.

Biden's remarks come after he apologized to Sanders for acting like the primary was over when he formed a committee to select a running mate. Biden said he didn't want to seem "presumptuous" by picking a running mate before winning the nomination.

Biden's candidacy has been marked by several plays to his party's progressive wing, despite many moderate Democrats criticizing the party leadership for moving left. In March, Biden urged that the Green New Deal, a signature policy proposal of progressives, be included in one of the coronavirus stimulus bills.

Sanders trails Biden by more than 300 delegates in the Democratic primary race and said last week he would take a "hard look" at his future. Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir and senior adviser Jeff Weaver are reportedly urging him to withdraw soon.