ABC Brings in Doctor to Speculate About Pence's Health

George Stephanopoulos features doctor analyzing Mike Pence's eye as potential COVID symptom

October 7, 2020

George Stephanopoulos brought on ABC's chief medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton to examine Vice President Mike Pence's eye during the network's post-vice-presidential debate coverage.

Ashton said she was unable to confirm anything from looking at eye discoloration in a zoomed-in picture of Pence's face.

"What do we know about ocular or eye manifestations in COVID?" she said. "Anywhere from 11-30 percent of COVID patients can have pink eye, it can be an early sign. But George, he can just have some makeup in his eye."

Stephanopoulos, who served in Bill Clinton's administration, said ABC had contacted Pence's office for comment.