WATCH: Whitmer Bails on Interview When Questioned About Pandemic Record

Michigan governor cites audio difficulty during live TV interview

November 7, 2022

Citing a technical difficulty, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer on Monday bailed on a live television interview immediately after the host asked a question about the Democrat's pandemic record.

"Do you have any regrets," the Fox 2 Detroit anchor asked Whitmer, who in response stared blankly into the camera. The governor then asked someone off-camera if she botched the audio by moving her AirPod, to which the person replied, "It's okay."

Whitmer, who frequently disobeyed her own COVID-19 rules, lied about the number of deaths in Michigan nursing homes after she required facilities to take patients who tested positive for coronavirus. The number of deaths first reported was 5,675, until the state's auditor general found in a January report that the number was 42 percent larger at 8,061.

Her refusal to defend this record comes two weeks after Whitmer falsely claimed that Michigan students were only out of school for three months. A Washington Free Beacon investigation found that some schools used remote learning for more than a year.

Whitmer will face off against Republican Tudor Dixon in Tuesday's gubernatorial election.