NERD ALERT: This Democrat 'Broke Into Tears' as Senate Passed IRS Expansion Bill

Cryin' Brian Schatz

August 8, 2022

A Democratic senator was overcome with emotion on Sunday as the Senate prepared to pass legislation that would dramatically expand the IRS and permanently solve so-called climate change, the Washington Post reports:

Even before the vote was final, Democratic lawmakers on the chamber floor rejoiced and cheered, shaking hands and hugging, as their Republican counterparts cast their votes and headed for the exits for a month-long summer break. Manchin made a beeline for Schumer's desk, as the two men leaned their heads together and clasped their hands. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), a proponent of climate change provisions, broke into tears.

Schatz praised the passage of what some are calling the "IRS Expansion" bill as a "historic victory for the United States and the planet." The legislation, which is expected to pass the House later this week, solves climate change by giving Americans earning $300,000 a year tax credits to buy an $80,000 electric SUV for just $72,500. It also allocates $10 million to combat "racial equity issues" within the Department of Agriculture.

Cryin' Brian is best known for supporting colonialism and exploiting indigenous land; he claims to "represent" Hawaii despite being a white man born in Michigan to a Canadian doctor.