Delusions of Grandeur: Failing New York City Mayor Thinks He Should Already Be President

New York City mayor Eric Adams (D.) at the 2022 Met Gala / Getty Images
May 13, 2022

New York City mayor Eric Adams (D.) on Thursday implied he should already be the president of the United States.

At a press conference for a dyslexia-screening program for schoolchildren, Adams said if his dyslexia were caught earlier, "We would not be saying just 'Mr. Mayor,' you'd probably be saying 'Mr. President.'"

Adams made the statement as New York City faces skyrocketing crime, record-high rents, and swarms of rats. The mayor, who ran for election last year as a tough-on-crime moderate, saw a 34 percent spike in major crimes in April alone, the New York Post reported. Shootings are nearly double pre-pandemic levels. His statement also comes as city parents demand an audience with the mayor over his mask mandate for toddlers.

Adams, meanwhile, has been partying with celebrities, including at the multimillion-dollar Met Gala, to which he wore a custom tuxedo that included the words "End Gun Violence." The custom-tailored suits Adams usually wears cost $2,000 each, the Post found.

Adams joins a long list of New York City mayors who want to be president, including immediate predecessor Bill de Blasio (D.), though he appears to be the first to think he should be president already.