White House Removes Obama’s Bike Share

bike share
Getty Images

The Trump administration has removed Barack Obama's private bike share he had installed inside the White House security perimeter.

Washingtonian mourned the loss of the exclusive Capital Bikeshare the former president erected in 2010, which subscribers could not use.

"The station was removed earlier this week at the Trump Administration's request," according to the report.

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Washingtonian praised Obama for his "favorable record with the cycling community," for spending millions of dollars through the stimulus package on "bike infrastructure," and adding bike lanes in the nation's capital.

Aside from the stimulus, Obama's Department of Transportation spent millions more on bicycling projects and even studied how to use "bicycle trains" to fight obesity.

Washingtonian says Trump has a poor standing with bicyclists because he made fun of former secretary of state John Kerry for falling off a bike in France during negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal.