SoulCycle’s ‘Army of Love’ Campaign Gives Riders a ‘Safe Place’ After Trump Win

Standing bicyclists 'sweat away their frustrations' after election


SoulCycle, the indoor bicycling workout company, is launching an "Army of Love" campaign to provide a "safe place" for standing bicyclists to "sweat away their frustrations" after Donald Trump's win.

"SoulCycle is a workout to some, a community to most, and a safe harbor for all," the company, which charges $30 per 50-minute class, said in an email announcing the campaign. "On and off the bike, we stand for acceptance, community, and love. We don't just embrace each other's differences, we celebrate them. We are an Army of Love."

Shape magazine described the campaign as a way to cope with the results of the presidential election.

"No matter who you voted for back in November or how you feel about the new administration's stance on Planned Parenthood or the Affordable Care Act, it's fair to say that the last several months have been stressful," the magazine said in an article published Tuesday. "And it's understandable if you're feeling the exact opposite of Zen or chill with all the political news swirling around, or the constant alerts on your phone to yet another rant posted on social media."

Shape reported that liberals are going to the gym and "group fitness studios" such as SoulCycle and Solidcore to find a "safe place to sweat away their frustrations."

"So how can you de-stress post-election? Well, we already know that many women have turned to yoga, and that's not super surprising as exercise has been used as a form of therapy for a long time," Shape magazine said. "Now, we're hearing about more and more people turning to gyms and group fitness studios as a safe place to sweat away their frustrations."

"In fact, SoulCycle experienced some of the biggest turnouts for classes in the studio's history during the four days following the election," the magazine continued. "And in an effort to continue to provide a sanctuary for riders, the studio is launching a new ‘Army of Love' initiative today. The aim is to encourage community, acceptance, respect, collaboration, and love—while reminding riders that they can use their energy (both in and out of the saddle) to lift each other up, the megabrand said in a press release."

The magazine reported that the SoulCycle campaign will "hand out stickers with empowering messages such as ‘Peace Warrior,' and ‘I love you no matter who you love.'"

SoulCycle is selling tank tops for $48 each for the campaign, as well as "Peace Warrior" tanks for $52. A "Ride hard love harder" long-sleeved tee is going for $88, and "LOVE" Trucker hats for $38.

"The hope is that even for 50 minutes of sweating in one room, every person will know that there's a place where he or she is accepted and loved," Shape magazine said.

Prestigious workout classes are not inclusive to everyone. After Ivanka Trump took a Solidcore class last month, the company's owner had to address the situation on social media, saying Ivanka's "father is threatening the rights of many of my beloved clients and coaches and as a business owner, I take my responsibility to protect and fight for my people very seriously."

SoulCycle said it is holding "Weekend of Love" classes this weekend.

"We'll be taking photos of you, our amazing riders, which we'll integrate into an art installation that we're creating in our HQ to celebrate our community," the company said in the email.

SoulCycle is also sharing "Army of Love" stories from its instructors, the first of which is from Isaac Calpito in New York City, who says he grew up in a "really accepting" community and had a grandmother who was "very religious, but her best friends were gay and transgendered."

"While I always felt supported at home, I went to a Catholic school, and it was a different ballgame there," Calpito said. "I experienced what comes along with being considered a different child, doing paddle turns and hitch kicks to Madonna songs in the hallways. And I learned very early on that being true to yourself, and loving yourself first, is the best protection."

"While there are a lot of crazy things happening not only in the landscape of our country but the world, I truly believe that no person is alone," he said.

SoulCycle did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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