PICTURES: Russian Strongman Makes Instagram for His Pet Bear

Sergei Aksyonov Instagram
• August 11, 2015 2:20 pm


Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, gifted Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov a real-life bear a year ago.

Though Aksyonov dubbed the gift "unusual and symbolic," he created an Instragram Tuesday morning dedicated to showing off his new pet.

The bear was named Grozniy, after Chechnya’s capital city. Grozniy, which translates as "fearsome," is said to also fit the "character of the bear" himself.

Aksyonov describes him as "everyone’s favorite, very active, kind, cheerful, but stubborn—in some cases he may show his horns."

The caption states, "A gift from my friend and brother, Razman Kadyrov—the bear Grozniy. One year later. #Kadyrov #Chechnya #Crimea #Aksyonov." Aksyonov has a lot to show off. Check out Grozniy's tricks:

The bear is "loved by all," writes Aksyonov.


Всеобщий любимец #Грозный #медведь #Аксенов

A photo posted by Сергей Аксенов ( on

The only four pictures posted to Aksyonov's account are of his bear.


Общительный, но своенравный #Аксенов #Грозный #Кадыров

A photo posted by Сергей Аксенов ( on

Aksyonov also posted the pictures of his pet bear to his official government website.

The strong relationship between Kadyrov and Aksyonov is likely due to the fact that the "brothers" have a lot in common—starting with their criminal backgrounds.

Aksyonov, a staunch supporter of the Russian annexation of Crimea, has been accused of being the "brigade leader" of a Crimean gang in the 1990’s. Kadyrov has also been suspected of murder and torture.

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