PC Police Attack Kevin Hart for Son’s ‘Cowboys and Indians’ Birthday Party

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart / Getty Images


People are "outraged" Kevin Hart and his wife threw a "Cowboys and Indians" themed birthday party for their baby.

A current search of Kevin Hart and cowboy returns over 44 million results on Google. Hart and his wife Eniko are facing "backlash," "under fire," getting "flak," being "slammed," and "called out" for their "culturally insensitive" party, according to reports.

Yahoo News reported "it's possible" the comedian and his wife "were thinking of nothing" but having a fun themed birthday party for their one-year-old child.

"When Eniko and Kevin Hart planned their son Kenzo's first birthday party, it's possible they were thinking of nothing but the kind of themed birthday parties they'd attended as children, then selected one that seemed like it would appeal most to their toddler," Yahoo reported. "But once Eniko posted the photos from the cowboys and Indians party, they raised a storm of opinions about what such a theme really means."

Eniko posted a photo on Instagram calling the party, which was thrown on Thanksgiving, "nothing but amazing!"

News outlets, however, have since seized on the photo, claiming, "people are not happy" that children dressed up and pretended to be cowboys and Indians for the toddler's birthday.

Yahoo News quoted several comments to the Instagram post, which called the party "disgusting" and the "equivalent to having a kkk and black slaves party."

Yahoo also quoted "Adrienne K." of "NativeAppropriations.com" as an expert who argues throwing a costume-themed cowboys and Indians party is part of the "means to create the identity of a dominant white American culture."

"So, it's clear there are large similarities between blackface and playing Indian—both are intentional acts that draw upon stereotypes and a racist history to enact whiteness—but our Nation has created a narrative in which blackface=racist, while redface=normal," Adrienne K. explained.

Adrienne K. had to apologize herself in February for writing "an entire post about Black Panther that talked about Indigenous Futurisms without talking about Afrofuturism, or, for the most part, acknowledging the characters' blackness."

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