On This Day in History: February 28, 2008

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton / AP

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson rekindled their summer romance.

Troubled teen sensation Britney Spears hugged her children.

Diminutive billionaire Michael Bloomberg answered a question no one was asking by revealing that he wouldn’t run for president.

The Hillary Clinton campaign scrubbed a joke about Bill donning blackface at a fundraiser from its website.

The Hillary Clinton campaign had to quickly scrub their Action Center of either a bad joke or a dirty trick this afternoon. The Rocky Mountain News noticed a strange invitation to a NAFTA rally next Monday, which suggested that Bill Clinton might appear at the Downtown Ritz-Carlton in blackface. …

Now, the campaign itself doesn’t actually post these notices on the site. It relies on its community to promote events, such as this fundraiser. Bill Clinton had no intention of showing up in blackface. The event’s sponsor, "Dinah Feind", doesn’t show up in any donor searches at Open Secrets. In short, someone wanted to make the Hillary Clinton campaign look … well, racist.

Problem Child star Gilbert Gottfried turned 53, Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman turned 20, and Suddenly Susan guest star Ali Larter turned 32.