No Drama Obama

May 9, 2017

Four months since leaving office, former President Barack Obama has kept things casual. From vacationing with billionaires to not buttoning his shirt, Obama has stayed away from the drama.

When Obama is not hanging out with the one percent, he is busy becoming the one percent. The former president has hit the speaking circuit and is reportedly set to make $400,000 for a single speech, despite outcry from some of his supporters.

In addition to the speeches, Obama inked a book deal for a modest $65,000,000–the highest payment ever for a presidential memoir.

On Tuesday, Obama gave a speech on climate change in Milan, Italy, during which he warned about wasteful behavior and the damage that eating too much meat has on the planet.

He recently announced the plans and design for his presidential library in Chicago.

"What we want this to be is the world’s premier institution for training young people in leadership to make a difference in their countries, in their communities and in the world," Obama said at the design unveiling.

"No Drama Obama" appears to be enjoying life after the White House.

But despite the flurry of activity, the 44th president has found time to criticize his successor without mentioning his name.

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