Nash: Putin Views Obama As A Weak President


Thursday evening on Your World guest Captain Chuck Nash discussed the relationship between Putin and Obama. Nash stated that President Putin views President Obama as a weak leader, and that is why Putin is so defiant with regards to Syria and the use of chemical weapons.

CAVUTO: Khrushchev held John Kennedy in contempt, and I’m sure after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he had a minimalist view of the new President and maybe he was chastened a little bit after the Cuban Missile Crisis. We have a long history between our two countries, of the leaders not trusting, maybe not even liking, the other. But this seems to set a whole new stage Chuck of — I don't know, coolness brings other problems, does it not?

BOLTON It certainly does, and wherever an American president shows weakness, or is judged by his adversary — you mentioned Khrushchev and Kennedy. The real problem the drove the Cuban missile crisis was that Khrushchev assessed that Kennedy would not stand up and, and the whole thing went south and took the world to the brink of nuclear war. Here again, Putin is looking at President Obama and he is assessing that this guy is weak and he is not going to stand up. So, if all he is saying, all the President is saying is, well, we're just going to some across missiles in there and punish Assad, that's a great first step. What does step two look like? Because that is what everybody is going to have to deal with. Because there will be a step two.

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